Every wedding package comes with an engagement session, so that we can get to know each other and you will have some fantastic photos to share with friends and family to get them pumped about the big day!



How many photos do you typically give a couple from their wedding?
A couple usually receives anywhere from 400 to 800 images of their wedding, depending on the size of the wedding and how long the event lasts.
Do you edit every image that I receive?
Yes. I go through and choose every image I consider quality and edit each photo by hand individually. I do not batch edit, to ensure all images are perfect.
Can I have unedited images?
No. I edit all images so that they are the best possible quality for you. Photographers giving clients unedited images is kind of like a restaurant giving out uncooked food.
Why do your wedding prices start at $2800?
My prices reflect 6 years of experience and hard work. I am constantly trying to improve my work, and I take extreme care to make sure I know my clients so that the wedding images they receive from me accurately depict their personalities. By the time the wedding rolls around, the majority of my clients and I have become friends. I don't just consider myself a wedding photographer, but a wedding planner as well. All of my brides know that if they have a question about anything regarding their wedding, they will ask me and I will do my best to answer. I genuinely care about the people I photograph, and it shows in my work.
Do you require payment in full?
No. I require a $500 retainer to hold your wedding date, and then the rest of your payment is due 2 weeks before your wedding.
Why I should I hire you instead of my cousin’s friend’s sister who just bought a “pretty nice camera”?
A lot of people want to save money any way they can on their wedding day. I understand that wedding costs can add up quickly, and budgets are maxed out before you can blink. One thing to remember when the dollar signs are getting stressful is that photos/video are all you will have to remember the day. Sure, you could hire your friend who just bought a fancy camera and they might do a decent job. But will they know how to wrangle your siblings and parents for family photos? Will they catch your grandmother kissing your cheek at the reception? Your wedding day is one of the most special and important days of your life, and your family will see your wedding photos for generations. Photography is how we connect to the past in a way that memory alone can not.

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