contact me to ask about hiring just Nicole and no second shooter!

Q & A

How many weddings have you photographed?

Well over 100. I've been photographing since 2010; full time since 2013.

Will there be a contract when I book with you?

Yes. I also sign the contract, agreeing that your images will be edited and received by you no later than 6-8 weeks after the wedding (although it usually takes 3-4 weeks)

Do you have insurance?

Yes. I am an LLC and I have equipment insurance and liability insurance through State Farm.

Do I have to have a second photographer?

No, but it is highly recommended. My second shooters are photographers of similar style and caliber, and can ensure that you will get two different angles of important moments such as first looks, first dances, etc. It's basically like having two of me instead of one! If you do wish to only have one photographer, there is a $250 discount and I will bring my fiance Scott or a person trained to assist who can help me out with lights, equipment, etc. At times my assistants will also have cameras, but I cannot guarantee any images from them.

Will all my images be edited? How many images do I get?

Yes, every image I give you will be edited. I give you all the photos I consider worthy- no blinks, blurry photos, etc. You end up with around 400-800 photos, depending on the size of the wedding/amount of shooting.

Do you have backup equipment?

I have two camera bodies and multiple lenses at all weddings. I also have a third camera body for extreme emergencies. When it comes to photos, I shoot on two cards just in case one fails.

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