This wedding was designed by Nicole Bissey Photography with the tremendous help of Chris Dong & her event company Birdwick & Co. We did this wedding as part of the video made by SummerHouse films that is posted on the Home page of this website. This project could not have been done without these amazing vendors:

The Bride & The Bauer (location)
Ashley Nelson Studios (makeup)
Mellesime Hair Studio/Amanda Miller (hair)
Betse & Clarke (live music)
Calvin Arsenia (harpist at wedding)
Dark Horse Distillery (special cocktail for guests)
Christopher Elbow Chocolates (dessert)
Little Freshie (cookies)
Made With Scratch (wedding cake)
Morgana's (gluten free cupcakes)
Stetson's Famous Cheesecakes (dessert)
Thou Mayest Coffee Roasters (coffee)
Hi-Rise DJs (entertainment)
Brit Noack Art (decorative stones)

Keefe Cravat (bow ties)
eNVe Designs (jewelry)
Nick Nacs KC (tshirts)
Ocean and Sea (tshirts)
present by Rachel Gottlieb (wedding dress & bridesmaids dresses)
The Photo Bus (selfies)
Timmy Gibson (officiant)
Avery Fowles (flowers)
Ultra Pom (glassware & decor)
Westside Storey (antiques and furniture)

Thank you so much to all of my favorite local Kansas City businesses. We all succeed when we help each other.

Also special thanks to my wedding party:
Travis Vega & Katelyn Metscher, the amazing bride and groom who stepped up to the plate when my original bride and groom quit on me the morning of the shoot.
Christopher Marks, best man (who went above and beyond by providing extra suspenders, a watch, and matching the guy's outfits way better than I ever could, as well as cooking BBQ and hosting the video viewing party)
Chad Elliott, groomsman (who stepped in for the no-show groomsman)
Bethany Wicker, maid of honor (who gave the best fake MOH speech I've ever heard in my life but sadly wasn't captured on film)
Rachel Gottlieb, bridesmaid (who jumped in and became a bridesmaid to take Katelyn's place when she had to be the bride)